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We've escaped the frozen northeast and come back west, now calling midtown Ventura home. Living and working just a few blocks from C-street, our thoughts turn continuously to surfing and creating finely crafted wave harvesting machines. Making use of the abundant, sustainably harvested lumber of the northeast and reclaimed lumber of the west and the vintage machine tools born in the Northeast, we specialize in creating custom shapes to your specifications. We focus on hollow wood surfboards, which have similar performance characteristics to traditional foam, unmatched durability and beauty, and a unique, almost alive feel.

All boards are first designed using CAD software (computer aided design) to ensure you get the shape you dreamed of, and then constructed on site in our Ventura, Ca workshop. Vents and leashplugs are fabricated using our small machine shop, and designed to complement each specific board. Our boards are built to last, and we fully expect that a Rio del Oso surfboard will be an heirloom passed down to future generations of surfers.

To minimize our impact on the environment, we make substantial efforts to reduce waste--wood shavings and sawdust are mulched in local gardens, and offcuts and scrap are transformed into new items, ranging from cutting boards to jewelry. Much of the wood we employ is fallen trees from yards in the Northeast (basswood), reclaimed redwood, and any exotic woods used are sourced from companies which practice sustainable harvesting methods.

We are proud to primarily use vintage tools to build our boards--from the golden age of American manufacturing, when tools were meant to last a lifetime. We restore aging tools to their former glory, and enjoy the precision and durability of well crafted machines.

Wood is good!